JAn, napravio si nered. Ubacio si gomilu nadkategorija. Kubura2 (razgovor) 21:29, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

Ne paziš. [1] Zaboravio si i kôd, jezik=cs, a ne jezik=sl. Kubura2 (razgovor) 21:31, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

[2] We do not orientate according to others. Kubura2 (razgovor) 21:51, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

[3] Yes, I agree, there are duplicates that are to be solved. Sometimes is difficult to decide between the duplicates.
Anyway, current weather here is not for the navigating on the swimming floats. :) Kubura2 (razgovor) 22:00, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

[4] I'm sure that there's more. Kubura2 (razgovor) 22:01, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

Category:Svi jezici was supposed to be some kind of category that is above all categories of language families, nadkategorija. Kubura2 (razgovor) 22:07, 9. prosinca 2014. (CET)

Thanks for informing me about the duplicates. Kubura2 (razgovor) 04:19, 27. travnja 2015. (CEST)

Jan, there're more categories to be added when You create a particular category. Kubura2 (razgovor) 04:13, 19. srpnja 2015. (CEST)