Dobro došli na Wjêčnik, hrvatski wikirječnik!

Kako biste se upoznali s projektom, posjetite stranice:

Potpisujte se s 4 tilde (~~~~)

Još jednom, dobro došli! --Daki 08:58, 28. svibnja 2010. (UTC)

Your messageUredi

I've moved your message from Wječnik:Kontaktirajte nas to our Village pump (Gebruikersportaal), Wječnik:Konoba [1].
We understand your problem(s). We've encountered similar (I dare to say, even worse) problems on en.Wiktionary. Such blasphemic behaviour from users that are supposed to be the most reasonable and the most decent users on that project. I feel sorry for the minority of reasonable users on that project (really very nice people); working there with the bullies is a nightmare.
Your contributions here are welcomed (especially with words and grammar of Dutch, Afrikaans etc.). If you have problems with templates, categories and/or some other stuff in Croatian, please, notify one of us that regularly contribute here, we'll gladly help you. Kubura2 01:17, 31. svibnja 2010. (UTC)

Do Dutchmen have something with Poljica :)))Uredi

This explains a lot :) . Poljica area (the very next eastern neighbourhood of Split) are known for that. Not like ancient Achaians, but in the meaning "God spare us from Poljican's gift." (traditional folk saying)
Poljica means: "small fields". And the Netherlands is a loooot of fields. Are Dutch that much more Poljicans :)))) ? Kubura2 01:47, 31. svibnja 2010. (UTC)